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Remembering a Queer Pioneer

Eric Rofes, who founded the Gay Community News along with many other organizations and programs related to LGBT life and AIDS prevention has passed away. His writings and programs have influenced queer culture for eternity. Please take a moment to visit his web site to learn about his remarkable work.


Mister Goat said...

Thank you for noting this loss, Mark. I think that I'd hear Rofes' name, probably in association with GCN--a publication I respect deeply, and which i was disapointed to see ending as I came to Boston. It was good to learn more about his accomplishments in his too-short life.

DanVera said...

Thanks for posting the notice about Eric's death. The word is going out slowly. It's such a shock and blow. I work with a gay culture magazine called White Crane and last Fall we had the chance to publish a long piece by Eric. It was about his work the last few years to start a healthy gay health movement. We were honored to publish it in our pages and online in full. Its accessible at