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Breaking News: Macy's Apologizes To LGBT Community

Response To Macy's Apology:

In this new apology Macy's met three of QueerToday's four demands. They apologized, admitted they were wrong, and renewed their support of our community.

The mannequins should have been returned immediately, but I consider this apology to our community a victory over the efforts of Amy Contrada, Brian Camenker, and their little group of hateful friends. Clearly the power of boycott and protest continues to be an effective tool that the LGBT community should embrace.

Thank you to InNewsWeekly for your EXCELLENT coverage of this story!

Read the Full Apology and InNewsWeekly Article Here>

Some Corrections to the InNews Weekly Story:
1. We had 13 protestors and some were older than their "20's"
2. We were not "subdued" at all times. In fact we chanted with a megaphone, entered Macy's to deliver our signs and chanted on the way out through the store as the salespeople clapped and security followed us to the door.

I really think that delivering the signs to the executive offices and having the bravery to enter the store while chanting loudly had a huge impact.

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John Hosty said...

Great job on reporting this guys, I would have missed it if not for you. I put it on for you under the latest thread.

John Hosty