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View Gabrieli Letter To Delegates

Below is the letter Chris Gabrieli's campaign sent to delegates to the democratic convention. The small is the only place you see who it is really from. The letter is asking delegates to vote for him even if they support someone else. The letter was sent in combination with many other mailings that tried to mislead delegates into thinking they could vote for Gabrielie once and then their candidate the second time. But there was no second time.

Chris Gabrieli, who entered the race late and spent lots of money on television ads, made it onto the ballot with just over 15% of the vote after making a deal with Speaker DiMasi to give him a bloc of 75 or so votes. Chris will not be taking public fanancing for his campaign so he is free to spend his personal fortune on the campaign.



Anonymous said...

Mark - PLEASE stop lying about this letter. Finally we get to see it.

1) You say that the is the only place where you see who its from - first of all, the "" is in the friggin' letterhead, not tucked away, as you made it out to sound; second of all, it says in the corner (in small print - like ANY campaign material from ANY campaign) that it is from the Gabrieli Committee

1a) The letter says, in GIANT letters, "A Message from Democratic Elected Officials" - it does NOT say "From the State Democratic Party" or "From the State House" or anything like that.

2) There was no second ballot because Deval got a first ballot 50% - that is good for Deval supporters! You make it sound like that is a bad thing. Do you understand the process? The only way there would not have been a second ballot is with a first ballot 50% for Deval - that's GOOD for you.

3) Gabrieli did NOT make a deal with Speaker DiMasi - suggesting otherwise is a flat out lie! DiMasi urged the delegates he "controlled" (for lack of a better word) to vote for Gabrieli to avoid him being knocked out, which would embarrass the Party to independents/unenrolleds -- you know, those voters who will really decide the election in November. Gabrieli did NOT make ANY deals.

3a) Nobody talks about the throngs of Deval delegates (maybe 15 to 20% of them overall) who committed to Deval at the caucuses but would have been with Gabrieli had he got in earlier. I encountered a LOT of those.

4) Any Deval supporter who criticizes Gabrieli for not taking public financing, but did NOT criticize Deval for not disclosing his tax returns (what, transparency in politics isn't a good thing now?), is playing with a pretty clear double standard. There's no collateral cost for Deval to disclose his tax returns - but the gubernatorial candidates (each with other a lot of personal wealth or a large campaign war chest) taking public financing means there will probably be nothing left for other statewide candidates or state legislative candidates who otherwise couldn't afford to run competitive races.

So PLEASE, PLEASE stop spreading lies about Gabrieli's letter being dishonest or misleading. Stop twisting the truth.

Everyone worried about a "divisive" primary. The candidates are not being divisive or particularly negative (an argument can be made for Reilly's focus on the Deval-Ameriquest relationship). But, for some reason, a very, very small portion of Deval supporters are cornering the market on divisiveness. Why?

Mark D. Snyder said...

You have not pointed out one lie. I have not lied. It's pretty obvious a deal was made with DiMasi, at the very least the fact that he controls blocs of votes is a problem. I read about the deal on other very popular blogs which are in the leftyblogs network.

The letter is misleading. And no, most campaigns do not do that. Reilly and Gabrieli letters all have who they are very visible on every letter and envelope. And most gabrieli materials have his signature colors and logos as well. This letter was clearly intended to mislead.

You are right, if a candidate gets 50% or more there is no second ballot. Gabrieli's materials made it seem like if people voted for him on the "first" ballot they could vote for somone else on the supposed "second." Thankfully the first thing Deval said when he came out on stage was, vote for me on every ballot. Everyone knew what Gabrieli was trying to do.

I believe that Deval was more forthright about his earnings and financial situation than any other candidate. But correct me if I am wrong.

I'm with Gabrieli on the issues, just not his method of campaigning so far, and I will support him if he becomes the nominee.

Anonymous said...

OK, Mark, you're divorced from reality here.

Reading on some other blog where one other person posted some UNSUBSTANTIATED nonsense doesn't count as fact. Gabrieli made NO deal with DiMasi. DiMasi, of his own will and accord, pushed for his crew to support Gabrieli. End of story.

The letter is NOT misleading - in gigantic letters it says "From Democratic Elected Officials" - and it is from Democratic elected officials! There is not one lie on the letter, and every elected official knew what they were signing. Anything you post to the contrary is a lie.

And you think Deval was more forthright about his earnings than any other candidate? Do you even read the news? Every time Reilly urged him to disclose his tax returns, Deval said NO. And Deval didn't even disclose until very recently how much Ameriquest paid him for sitting on a seemingly do-nothing Board ($300K per year for attending a couple meetings a year... pretty sweet deal for the guy that brokered a sweetheart settlement for Ameriquest..). Deval has been the LEAST forthright about his earnings!!!

Please put the Kool-Aid down!

Mark D. Snyder said...

The letter tries its best to disguise itself from being a campaign letter, come on that is obvious. None of the other campaigns have done this. They all put their logo and their imagery on their materials.

Now you are trying to change the topic from Gabrieli's misleading campaign tacticts to another issue, earnings and taxes. I won't go there because that is not what this post was about.

Anonymous, why don't you reveal yourself?

Anonymous said...

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