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Congrats to Pride Marshalls

While the theme for pride still makes us throw-up in our mouths a little bit, we must congratulate the folks chosen to be marshals this year. They deserve it!

According to BayWindows:The marshals are state Rep. Liz Malia (D-Jamaica Plain), Jacob Smith Yang, executive director of Massachusetts Asian and Pacific Islanders (MAP) for Health, and the LGBT speakers bureau SpeakOut.

SpeakOut was the first LGBT organization I ever became involved with, and has made a huge difference in my life while giving me the opportunity to make a difference in other's lives. When speakers from that organization go to schools and tell students their stories, you can see instant change happen in the young people's lives. They have a great cable tv show too!

MAP is an important organization serving queer Asian and pacific Islanders who are so often overlooked by our community.

And Liz Malia was one of the biggest opponents of Romney's plan to abolish the commission on LGBT Youth.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind congratulations. Bay Windows made it sound like it was just me, but actually MAP is also selected as a marshal. I agree that Rep. Malia and SpeakOut are terrific selections! Jacob Smith Yang

jason lydon said...

While the rest sound great Rep. Malia is actually very much so in favor of constructing new prisons and jails for women across the state of Massachusetts. She has said numerous time that women have "special" need in prison and should have their own facilities. During International Women's Day 2006 Rep. Malia made a fool out of herself and others by cutting the time short for questions and forcing others in the crowd to interrupt her because of her choice not to acknowledge that overcrowding in prisons is intentional. I would NOT applaud Rep. Malia, even with the good work she has done for queer youth, she has a long way to go.

Mark D. Snyder said...

Thank you for informing us Jason!