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Don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house.

Amy Contrada has been on the Board of Parents Education Foundation since 2006. The foundation is the backbone of MassNutBags, where Brian Camenker is the President. If you want to donate to to Amy and Brian while getting a tax break you can donate to the education foundation. But if you want to donate to their hate mongering... well that is not tax deductible. Do not worry, Brian and Amy both have split personalities. They keep their hate mongering separate from their educational work so that they follow the tax laws accordingly!

Introducing Amy's Evil Husband
Amy Contrada lives with Michael Contrada in Acton. (click here if you would like to see a picture)
Michael is the Executive Vice President of Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. His company helps increase the financial success of huge oil companies (the 7th largest) that destroy the earth and the army that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world.

Michael is also a supporter of George Bush! He was even silly enough to give money to him in 2004...after he fucked up this country... (shame on you Michael)

Before working at this weird Balanced Scorecard company, Michael did work for chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, and energy companies. How Christ-like of him.... destroy the earth, take advantage of the sick and poor, and support the murdering of innocent Iraqis! What about the parts of the bible that say we are the caretakers of the earth, we should feed and clothe the poor, and "thall shall not kill"?

We here at QueerToday would like to give our first ever Good Christian Award to Michael & Amy. For your hateful disregard of Christian values. Don't let it get to your head: Remember Jesus loves you but he is not in love with you.

Amy & Brian are the largest complainers on the planet. Their recent post and hilarious radio hatecast (a must listen!) both prove it. They take pictures of me.... then claim I am there to intimidate them with my camera.... and then turn around and post pictures of me on their website. {Hmmm I think I have to go put on some boots, this shit is about waist high.} Wait until you hear the ridiculous descriptions of and our friends!

They used to call us radical homosexual terrorists, but now we are reduced "sad effeminate gay boys." I'm actually really happy. Some might even call me gay.

Notes to Amy: A. Your frumpy clothes and disorganized web site do not reflect the amount of money your husband ( or do you live with your brother?) must be raking in helping evil corporations increase their productivity. B. "Radical homosexual terrorists" works much better... it adds that element of fear that you desperately try to instill in your readers. No one is afraid of a sad effeminate gay boy Amy. Don't you want these people to stand up and fight against our homosexual agenda? C. As long as you continue posting our photos on your web site, we will do the same.

Shout out to MassResistanceWatch for keeping on top of the MassNutBags and their continual hypocrisy!

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Ryan Charisma said...

I would like to congratulate Michael and Amy. May you both rot in hell for all of eternity.

You sad, pathetic bigots who ruin, freedom, the planet and human life.