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RISE Fills The Void for 18+ Queers

In light of the new ban on under 21 club nights in Boston RISE has stepped in with a solution. They can do this because they do not serve alcohol at their venue. DJ Susan Estera is one of my favorite DJs. Both she and RISE have been supporters of the queer community, particularly the youth of BAGLY in the past. And Rise club is a really relaxed chill atmosphere - I highly recommend checking this out.


Anonymous said...

But I thought RISE had a members-only policy...according to their website, the only way to get in is by invitation by a member, and the only way to become a member is to have a current member sponsor you. What use is an 18+ night if, because you don't already know someone who's a member, you still can't get in the door?

Anonymous said...

It is open for all on Saturday night now I think for this - do email them to check. And do email them to be on the guest list so it is cheaper.

Mark D. Snyder said... for guest list.
its 10 dollars on the list if you come before 1230---you can stay all night---if you come after 1230 its 20 dollars

rise is members only but the guest list will get you in