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Sick and Fucking Tired!

MassResistance or Massnutbags (as I like to call them) has once again been spewing lies and miss information about our community.

Chris Mason has been a long time activist fighting for many different levels of social justice. He recently left MassEquality (good move) to work for a prominent senator.

Although Massnutbags lied about QueerToday being "his" (Chris's) group, we here at QueerToday would like to send out warm Congratulations to Chris we hope the transition is going smoothly. Our community is lucky to have you up there pushing our “homosexual agenda”. Hahaha

Brian Camenker called Chris an “angry” homosexual. I’m sorry to inform you Brian our whole community is angry! We are sick and fucking tired of conservatives oppressing and killing our community.

Instead of picking on Chris why don’t you Massnutbags go back to blogging about Mitt Romney - you're doing our community a favor!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris too bad you took down your blog:(

Mark D. Snyder said...

You seem really into this whole douche bag name, so you should totally check out the urban dictionary on this term.
Seems like Brian is definately fitting. Check out the 4th definition and beyond:

Anonymous said...

love the nut bag links!

Chris Mason said...

Thanks Trevor! I appreciate the support. It looks like Brian took your advice. Today's "top story" on MassResistance is back to attacking Mitt Romney. I did like how they called me a "homosexualist". That is fun. I am going to keep that title.

Anonymous said...

Homosexualis, we got your back!