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The UN is recommending circumcision to prevent HIV/AIDS in Africa. Studies show it can reduce the risk up to 60%. (Of course, that does not apply for gay sex.) I feel a bit conflicted about this. Personally, I hate circumcision and I'm still mad at my parents for mutilating me and robbing me of my natural sexual sensitivity. And are there any studies on what difference it would make if we actually put the kinds of money and resources towards safer sex education and other efforts that we should? Thoughts?


Ryan Adams said...

There have been studies that have shown that circumcision lowers the risk of HIV in anal sex as well, though I can't remember the studies (I can remember at least two, one was in Africa, the other I think was n. america, but could have been europe).

I don't necessarily view circumcision as mutilation. From what I've read of people who were circ'd later in life, they don't get any less pleasure out of sex. That said, I don't think I'd circ a son of mine either, because I'm kind of indifferent both ways (and even if circ reduces the risk to HIV, condoms are a helluva lot more effective).

Ryan Adams said...

Wait, I need to clear that up: I can't remember the specifics of the studies, but I can remember that there were at least two I read about that included risk for gay men.

Anonymous said...

Circumcised lose lose quite a bit of sensitivity around the head of the penis.