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Gay Hating New England Patriot Football Player, Or Crackpot Catholic?

"I also want to add that I am a New England Patriot football player, I'm just not in union with coach Bill Belichek and owner Robert Kraft."~JayG, webmaster of "Defending The Faith".

When Larry Cirignano pushed Sarah Loy to the ground out of anger at the anti-gay "Rally for Democracy" last December, I was there. Tom Lang, co-director of and I made up our minds that enough was enough, and we were not going to let him get away with this. We decided to help make sure this act of violence got the public attention and hopefully the penalty it deserves. When bloggers everywhere made Cirignano's rage the talk of the blogosphere there were a few websites that were trying to paint a very different and dishonest picture of what happened. That's how I stumbled across Jay G. and his website.

Jay wrote, "...she started moving fast, stepped on another girls foot, then took a dive like you'd see in Big time wrestling..." On another thread he wrote, "So I saw the whole thing." Jay tries to discredit the very credible eyewitness account of Worcester Telegram & Gazette reporter Richard Nangle in saying, "Worcester Telegram reporter Richard Nangle wrote a completely one-sided and distorted article on the Traditional Marriage Rally held on the steps of Worcester City Hall on Saturday, December 16. Nangle wrote that Larry Cirgnano of Catholic Citizenship is guilty of assault and battery when the incident was actually staged."

I asked Jay if we would be hearing him testify to his claims in court under oath, yet never received an answer. The Worcester Police have no record of a statement taken from him, and it is my suspicion that he was not even there that day.

These are the circumstances by which Jay and I met. After defending the truth of what happened during the Cirignano incident on his site, I stayed on Jay's blog in an attempt to find a way Catholics and the gay community could live together in peace. It was important for me spiritually to try, since I was a lapsed Catholic myself. So that people reading my comments would better understand why I can relate to their beliefs, I lowered my guard and made my life an open book. Just when it seemed people may have begun to see the sincerity of my efforts, the mood started to change, and things like this were soon said:

"Furthermore, the push for pedophilia is now the "extreme" which will push homosexuality out of the spotlight of public debate and into full normality."

Then the attacks really began, and the poisonous remarks went wild. In more than 200 comments back and forth a plethora of hatred is spewed out at myself without provocation, as you can see for yourself.

Much hostility is evident here with comments aimed only at insulting. "Nazis" are brought up and compared to me, and the term "Sh@t eater" was used in the discussion of gay sexual behavior. The list goes on in a diatribe of hate and misrepresentations of the truth instead of the simple dialog on how we can live together in peace, which is why I came to talk there. My calmness in the face of this vitriol only seemed to add fuel to the fire.

In these repetitious unending personal attacks, I began to see a similarity that reminded me of another time in September, 2005 when I was talking to opponents of gay marriage on I helped to expose that one person was fraudulently posting under several different names. When caught, the culprit had this to say:

"It took you long enough to figure this out. I had given some thought to sending the messages through proxy servers to disguise the IP, but that wouldn't have been as much fun. It was far more amusing to lead Cherie Johnson and John Hosty around by the nose for a couple of days."

In August, 2006 I had encountered another issue of dishonesty and have documented that here on my website for further reading. This was where the webmaster of is caught posting as the radio show host "Gregg" from the Pundit Review Radio Show. When called out on his lie, he pulled the article off his blog, doctored the comments, and screwed up covering his tracks so badly that he left a trail of evidence for all to see.

After coming across both these situations, it was easier for me to recognize the tell tale signs of fraud on Jay's site. I noticed that the names who argued with me appear no where else in his blog, and the similar writing style and content seems to give away the truth. Suspecting fraud, I put some of the names through the "Who Signed the anti-gay marriage petition" tool on You would think that if these people were so against gays they would have gladly signed the petition, yet suspiciously, none of their names are listed. Some of the posts tell more details than others, and allow for further investigation, like Theresa LeBlanc who claims to be from Groton, yet is neither listed on the petition nor in that city. Plainly put, I believe Jay has been posting under these other names, but readers can judge for themselves. In case something "happens" to his blog, or the thread in question, I have saved it here on my blog for all to see.

If Jay is truthful, then Sarah Loy is a liar, all these aliases are real people, and Jay is a New England Patriot Football Player who seems to hate gays. What's your opinion? Mine is that once again the elaboration of a bad liar has gotten the liar caught.

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