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"Let's Talk Trash!" - Oscar

Brenna Kate Simmonds: Dangerous "certified" Ex-Gay by Exodus International (The scary ex-gay and gay conversion camps people). She is also a "Minister" at Boston's Park Street Church "helping people with same-sex attraction find freedom."

From her blog: "The funny thing is that this photo is the end result of the photo session from when I had to send a photo to Exodus in order to become a ministry :) I think I had had my fill of having my picture taken! " - Brenna Kate or BeeKay as she says her friends call her. Also... Exodus requires photo sessions to form a ministry? Hmm. Get a life BeeGay! Our queer army and every major credible psychological, psychiatric, and counseling association will continue to fight against your anti-gay lies.

The "Runaway Bride" of 2005

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