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kicked out of boston bar for gay kiss

This story is sad, but not surprising. In the past few years there have actually been several accusations of homophobia at local bars. And we know this type of thing happens daily to many people in our comunity. Contrast this real-life event with the Snickers ad and you can see why the ad spurred so much outrage.

From the Boston Globe:

A gay kiss spurred violent ouster from bar, lawsuit says

A Boston man is accusing Jeremiah Foley, a member of the family that runs the well-known J.J. Foley's pubs in Boston, of assaulting him and physically throwing him out of the chain's bar in the Leather District because he was kissing another man.

Martin T. Keenan says in a civil lawsuit filed this week in Suffolk Superior Court that Foley grabbed and forcibly removed him from the bar in September 2005 and in the process broke one of Keenan's fingers and caused permanent disfigurement.......

He said he occasionally has to remove patrons for "inappropriate behavior," but he did not recall the two men kissing. Asked whether he would allow two men to kiss in one of his establishments, Foley said: "Hell no. What would you think?" Keep Reading>

  • Also read "A Kiss Too Far?" by the New York Times which discusses the politics of the gay kiss.


Mark D. Snyder said...

gay kiss-in anyone?

Marcie said...

How about JJ Foley's where the former Mayor/Ambassador & current bigot Ray Flynn can often be found drinking.

John Hosty said...

It would be funny to get together and patron this homophobe's bar.