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Intimidation from the Left

Last night was the Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth meeting at the DPH. It was a great meeting where Grace Sterling Stowell was chosen to be vice Chair of the commission. She might be the highest-ranking trans-woman in any state government! (please correct me if I’m wrong) It is amazing to have someone so committed to social justice be at a top post.

The commission also planed to expand it’s mission for youth who aren’t in schools (homeless youth, youth who have dropped out ect.)

There was also a sighting of the infamous Amy Contrada. She is the writer behind the hateful massresistance blog. I moved to the back of the room when I realized who she was to finally get a picture.

A.C.“ don’t you want to sit next to me”
T. “no I want to take your picture”

She put her note pad over her face and told me that I could not take her picture. I pointed out that it was a ‘public’ meeting and I can and will! She went out into the hallway and cried to the State Police officers. The officers are out there to protect the commissioners from people like her and the repressed homosexual Brian Comenker. They backed me up and told her that I had every right to take any pictures I wanted. *as Brian Camenker took pictures of me*

She refused to come back into the meeting and had a follower grab her stuff.

She is willing to endanger the lives of queer youth and trans folks by outing them with photos on her nasty blog, but she won’t have her own picture taken. She is a shameful FUCKING BEAST.

Amy- intimidation can work both ways. And I will be at every commission meeting with my camera.
(Amy and Brian leaving the meeting)


Anonymous said...

love the links on the names

Anonymous said...

If she is the highest ranking anything, it would be the highest ranking openly trans woman, not the highest ranking trans person.

Rhea said...

Good job exposing these people!

Me said...


Anonymous said...

Amy Contrada is a coward, a bigot and a hypocrite, and good on you for taking the time to confront her and put her knickers in a twist! The world needs more knicker-twisters.

margalit said...

Brian Camenker is certifiably insane. Amy isn't much better. They both deserve to be outed every time they show up anywhere to intimidate people. Good on you!

Trevor Wright said...

They are both very unstable. Amy takes the cake for me.

We need to get her on Countdown on MSNBC's worst person in the world. I'm sure she could get silver or somthing!

Any one know how we could do that?

Ryan Charisma said...

If I were Amy Contrada's mother I would be so ashamed of myself I would have to consider suicide before the general public linked me to her. Truely as child, she obvioulsy wasn't spared the switch. So I voluteer to 'bitch slap' her biggoted ass back into the stone age where her morals and thoughts come from.

Amy - you suck!

Anonymous said...

watch out for sexist language :) Thnx!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to hear the news about Grace, but sorry to hear that the meeting was clouded by petulent nightmare.

logicality said...

Wow, Contrada's getting less stable and more detached from society with every passing month. She's going to catch up with Camenker soon.